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Geiger board

2013-11-02 19:01:12 by jalbert

The Geiger board first flew on May 19, 2013, launched by Max Fagin and colleagues on a Greencube-ALTAIR flight from Mt. Washington Regional Airport in Whitefield, NH. It was recovered the same day very close to the NH-Maine border, near Ossipee, NH. An Excel file containing the telemetric info (lat, long, temps, pressure) as functions of time can be found here: GreenCube6FlightData.xlsx.
The Excel file containing the raw Geiger board info (column 1 is Geiger count in each 2-second interval, column 2 is pressure in millibars [the unit changes to tenths-of-millibars when the pressure is less than 250 millibars], column 3 is date [always 19 May], and column 4 is time) is here: GeigerBalloonData.xls.
An Excel file containing a merge of (some of) the info from the above two files can be found here: GeigerBalloonData_NickEdit.xls.

Contact Justin if you would like more info.
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