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Integrating Sphere

2013-10-31 15:43:23 by karun


Our custom integrating spheres are fabricated by Labsphere, and have an interior diameter of 2 inches.

.pdf of the Schematics.
.pdf of the Renderings.

Goniometric calibration of LabSphere integrating sphere

Video clip of goniometric calibration sequence

A short video clip of the goniometric calibration sequence (in .mov and .avi formats) is available for download at the following links for avi, and mov . Right click on these link and save the file - since each is a fairly large (~700Mb) file, it takes several minutes to download.


However, you may also directly play it from this webpage simply by clicking here ; please note that it may take a few minutes for the download to complete from the remote website at UVic .

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