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Sample Images

2013-11-01 11:52:59 by jalbert


Below are FITS images taken with the Harvard Meade telescope and SBIG camera from the ALTAIR 11 flight on Saturday, Oct. 12, 2013 from Thetford Academy in Vermont.  Corresponding payload telemetry is here.  The telescope was located at Robert Frost Ln. in Etna, NH, at 43.68543o N 72.19909W, 419 m above sea level, and was operated by Yorke.  Precise vehicle location must be derived from the log files. (For rough analysis, the vehicle location at 1001:35 UTC was 43.9095, -72.2481, 4489.3, giving a range of 14.9 km.):

Images with exposure of 90 ms were of the beacon shining continuously, so exposure time is 90 ms. Images with exposure times of 1 or 2 s were with the source in multiplex mode. In this mode the source illuminates at a 1-s cadence with flashes of 50 ms, 100 ms, 200 ms, 400 ms and 1 s. A 2-s exposure will catch a maximum of two of these flashes. A 1-s exposure will catch only one. The 2-s exposure appears to have caught the 50 ms and 100 ms flashes separated by motion over 1 s.
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